Tuomari Colin D. Ashmore, Englanti

I have been showing dog's for over 45 years and judging for 40 years (this year), having successfully bred and shown beagles under the Buttermere affix making up several Champions in this country and abroad, we were very proud of Ch Buttermere Barleycorn who achieved the bitch CC at Crufts in 1989 her litter sister was exported to Jayne Millar and went on to become Australian Ch Buttermere Bracelet. We no longer Breed or show due to judging commitments both abroad and in the UK. Our last Buttermere beagle passed away just before Christmas in 2017.

I am currently passed to award CC's in 17 breeds, 15 in the hound group, 1 in the working group (Portuguese Water Dog), 1 in the pastoral group (Lancashire Heeler). Also being passed to judge the Hound Group at Championship shows, having also judged stakes classes at Championship shows.

I first judged in Denmark at the Danish Beagle Club very special show over 20 years ago and have judged on various occasions since both for the Beagle club and also for the Danish Kennel Club, having also judged throughout Europe and judging in Australia at the NSW Beagle Club. Having had the great pleasure of judging Beagles and other breeds plus Best in Show on two separate occasions at the Belgium hound show.

I also judge various breeds frequently at Championship shows throughout the UK, having judged at Crufts in 2007 (Bloodhounds), 2012 (Portuguese Water Dogs) and have the honour of judging Beagles at Crufts this year in March 2018. 

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